Platinum Series

Its, Not just a iron or metal door, but a complete solution of safety with world class technology.

Single Entrance Door

Single doors for flats, home with perfect blend of absolute smartness and high security both. Each time you see you ll love it more.

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Villa Entrance Door

The platinum Villa Entrance will undoubtedly stands out to be one of the key attractions for the home. Which also ensure the highest level of security for loved once at home.

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Grand Entrance Door

Past days ‘Dwars’ were for king and its Palace or Kingdom only”.
Now you are king and your Home are Palaces and THE Grand Dwars brings you the perfect feel of same Grandness.

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Boundary Entrance Door

We manufacture Iron Boundary Doors with extremely fine and clean work and gives you option to choose colors and designs which suits best to your home exteriors. Prices will depend on the size, quality and demands of the customer.

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Staircase And Balcony Railing

Give luxurious touch to your home with The Dwars Staircase and Balcony Railing, like never before in India. We ensure both smartness and safety concern.

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Window Grill

We offer custom designed iron window protectors with bowed, curved, twisted or straight designs. We can create custom decorative window guards in just the right size, shape and configuration.

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Key Feature Of The dwars

  • 5 yrs structural & 2 yrs paint warranty

    Structural fitness is the major focus & chalange for R&D team always. With Highest & uncompromised Benchmarks standard worldwide.

  • Zero welding marks

    Absolute perfect minute details are the key and expertise of our craftsmanship. Handcrafted each time with same perfection.

  • Multiple colour options

    Todays world is about Expression & colors play vital part. Express your exterior with Dwars 5000+ range of colour option. You think & we get it done.

  • Free on site installation

    We do not involve sub-contractors. Our in- house installation team do all installation for you and for no extra cost.

Green Sustainability


As The Dwars, Doors and fabrication products are made of Metal, which can be remelted and is an ideal recyclable material. At the end of their life, they can be successfully converted into other useful products.

Metal Doors has replaced wood the world over as the popular framing material. The use of Metal Doors and other products eliminates dependence on wood which, in turn, leads to forest conservation.

With The Dwars, Mesh doors, you can Enjoy cross-ventilation without compromising the security of the family, it leads to higher energy levels, thus good health of the family.

Energy Saving Insulation
Earn LEED Credits

When we close Platinum Door, its Excellent sealing keeps environmental pollutants like sound, dust, and smoke out of the home, thereby reducing the health hazards and improving the environmental quality inside the home.

The metal frame comes with insulation (in Platinum Series) inside the frame which makes it a reflective, frosted, and lowe glass are also the option with air-tight seals.

Our doors and stockx shoes are made of recyclable material, using No Wooden material, and provides superior insulation against heat, dust, rain, and pollution – can help builders and developers achieve valuables.


One of the well-known iron ornamental work company, providing high quality iron doors, boundary wall doors, window guards, planters, artworks, metal furniture's etc. with very fine and clean work. We focus on every details, make sure every products are perfect ones.