Where STYLE is Not A Statement But Part of Lifestyle.

One of the first things noticed by your guests, relatives, society and neighbours upon approach to a home is what it looks like from the walk up to the porch. This is the place where your First Home Thedwars are made and one of the reasons our business is named “The Dwars”, because we strive to make your visitors’ first Thedwars to be ‘Smart Thedwars and a memorable one’.

Customised and Hand Crafted by Experienced Metal Artists

Indian Rulers and worriers Forts always had a big History of big, best Hand Crafted IRON DWARS in the word, which keep it as a major aspect to there Safety of places and kingdoms. They use to be a very vital role in safety and Hindrance of extruders. Though now we are not in the old centuries where we need exactly the same anymore, but yet there is again a steep rise in demand ofIron doors to safeguard from Extruders within the society. So that we can ensure safety of our loving family, children, hard earned money. On the same way in 21st century Safety is a concern but Smartness is something that also we cannot compromise with. It’s a word of Style and luxury and comfort. So, Smart Thedwars brings you Combination of Safety with Latest European Design that will not only work as safety barrier but also multifold to the Smartness of your Home entrance.

Shakun Group is Serving Indian Customers since 1951, and established a dark footprint mark on the MUSTARD OIL INDUSTRIES, and is one of the key players in INDIAN INDUSTRY, Our Brands are Name of Quality inevery East and South-East states of India. Starting from a smallAgriculture Marketing Board Shop to Shakun Group of Industries, in 1951 it’s been a story of success

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  1. Shakun Industries
  2. Shakun Oil Products
  3. Shakun Oil Ltd.
  4. Shakun Agro
  5. Shakun Hyundai(Dealership)
  6. Shakun Design & EngineeringPvt. Ltd. (SD)
  1. Bharatpur
  2. Alwar
  3. Alwar/Bharatpur
  4. Alwar
  5. Bharatpur
  6. Alwar
  1. 1951
  2. 1992
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