Frequently asked questions

We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help
you answer some of the more common ones.

1.What is Entry Doors…??

Person enters in your Boundary from Main Gate and walk-in to meet you, the first door where he meet the owner (any member) to introduce himself from Security Mesh and assure his/her identity & his purpose of visit, before door is open for direct one on one meeting. Is an Entry Door.

3.Entry door made of Iron or Aluminium, UPVC…??

Aluminium/ UPVC are very weak, highly flexible, with very lesser strength material, aluminium and upvc doors are generally weaker to your Normal Wooden Doors.  Protect your family and home with the strength and security that only Iron can offer thus ensures High safety checkmark. Enjoy cross ventilation without compromising security.


5.Why we should install entry door made of IRON…??

Iron is one of the most strongest material available on earths, which gives you a very safe and reliable security and is always a barrier for the Mischievous people within the society.

With SI, Iron also gives you a Option of Colours and Design to best sute your Home Exteriors and Design. Enrich your style and luxury.

7.What about rust, Is the door finished with POWDER COATING or PAINT..?

Powder coating Iron is a very durable, high quality, long term finish baked on at 400 degrees offering superior protection and longevity to that of paint. Most, companies Do Not have their own powder coating facility, resulting in outsourcing this phase of manufacturing and leading to lack of quality control & delays in production. Smart Impression has a full In-house powder coating facility, and ensuring all of our products receive the highest quality finish in a timely fashion. SI also offers Zinc primer, Du-pont Automotive Primer and Paint option to its clients.

9.Iron Security is a Must for home owners Having UPC Doors….??

AS Upvc doors are in trend in luxurious home, having various good features but UPVC is a plastic base and very low at strength, If your main door or balcony door is of UPVC, It is a must to cover it with security and strength, that only iron doors provide.

11.Is it Recyclable & Conserve Natural Resources..??

Smart impression doors & other products are made of Fresh Branded Iron which is an ideal for other recyclable material. At the end of their life they can be successfully converted into other useful products, even the waste  material generated during manufacturing can be reprocessed, thereby helping in creating a reliable and sustainable future.The use of Iron Doors eliminates dependence on wood which, in turn, leads to forest conservation. Smart Impression products therefore help drastically cut down the depletion of world’s most valuable natural resource i.e Wood

2.Why should I choose Smart Impression ?

Smart Impression is India’s first and only organised group with European designs and process in Iron Doors, which gives you a International Quality Product. Our unique combination of Hand crafter products by Professional engineers and Experienced  Craftsmen (Blacksmith) gives you superior quality. SI has all In-house Facility to ensure all quality checkmarks. We have unlimited range of Europien designer doors (like never before in India) and can customise your design to make your entrance, unique and Impressive. With Smart Impression customer is assured of complete end-to-end service, right from design, selection, site survey, manufacturing, installation to after sales service. Over 25% of our business from previous clients and referrals. Moreover our products come with 10 year warranty on Structure and 1 year warranty on hardware.

4.Iron door are better than wooden door…??

Affected by termite and insects. Limitation to colours & Design to match your exterior, Require Re-work of polish & maintenance when used in exterior, during monsoon wood ABSORBS by the moisture AND CAN EASILY ROT.

In past few decades wood entries have become less durable with splitting, cracking, and premature aging for two reasons.  First homes began being built without adequate cover over the front entry, causing front doors to get exposure to direct sunlight and rain.   Second, the source of timber is coming from younger trees from forests being cultivated and harvested more quickly, resulting in less dense, and thus less-durable, wood products.

6.Is your Entry door made Of Stainless Steel (S.S)?

If Yes, than

Just Assume a moment..!! How it would be if yours and all cars on roads made of SS & comes with SS Finish only…??

Common Answer:  Ohhh God..!! Thanks CAR are Colourful and made of Iron not stainless steel.

21st Century is a world of colours, and Colours silently defines about the Personalit. Same with Entrance door, Best Interiors and architects round the globe opt for Colourful Iron to give work creative and Unique touch &Unlimited Colour option of SI can give magical and antique touch to enhance Your Entrance.

You will hardly find space for S.S. in European  Modern Housing Fabrication, S.S. generally comes with old & boring Glossy (Reflective) finish, and hardly gives you any colour option, thus hamper your Entrance Smartness.

8.Who is going to Install my security door should the need arise?

Similar to the installation of the door, find out exactly who will perform a service call on your door if needed. Will the company still be in business when you need them? Something to always consider. At Smart Impression you are never caught between who built your door, who installed your door, and who is going to service your door…it’s one call and our employees are with you every step of the way as we have been with all of our clients.

10.Builder Not giving Permeation to change exterior, Problems ….??

We understand, to maintain similarity & design, at times builder don’t give permission to change exterior (Main Door or Balcony doors) so you can install SI Iron door next to (Inside) Upvc or Wood door. This will solve problem of your Security and builders Similarity.  Even Society Like DLF & other big brands understand security requirements and allow to do so.

12. How Can an Iron entry door keeps us Healthy….??

“In a modern world dominated by concrete structures(Office or Home), Smart Impression lets you create a Fresh Air Ventilated option with environment that is not confined by walls, but defined by a sense of your personal style, an oasis of comfort, relaxation and freedom with Safety.

By installing more than one SI Door you can enjoy weather & cross breeze that flows through your home. Fresh air not only keeps you healthy but also reduces Stress and maintain oxygen levels in blood, even doctors recommend it as more important for pregnant women & new-born babies & kids in initial development stage.

Fresh Air Ventilation with no security compromise.

  • Maintain Oxygen Level in Home.
  • Reduce Stress & hypertension.
  • Keeps you active & energetic.
  • More Natural Light.
  • Reduces risk of heart diseases

Recommended by Dr. for:

  • Pregnant Ladies.
  • New-born babies.
  • Kids in Development stage.
  • Asthma Patients.