Why iron door are better than wooden door


Replace your front door with The Dwars strong, elegant, and beautiful iron entry door. Iron doors are not affected by termites and insects. Gives multiple colors & design options that match your home exterior, style & taste. Not required re-work of polish & maintenance.

Wood absorbs the moisture and can easily rot. In the past few decades wood entries have become less durable with splitting, cracking, and premature aging for two reasons: First homes began being built without an adequate cover over the front entry, causing front doors to get exposed to direct sunlight and rain. Second, the source of timber is coming from younger trees from forests being cultivated and harvested more quickly, resulting in less dense, and thus less-durable, wood products.

Extra locks can be installed?

Iron doors with option for extra lock can be made available on request. Iron doors with an option for the extra locks can be made available on request.

Protecting your loved ones, family, and property inside your home is directly related to the quality of doors used in our homes. Most people think that they have a secure front door, but they overlook their entrance door, boundary wall door, or other doors on the home. The Dwars iron doors help you to ensure the doors on your home are safe, strong, sturdy, and difficult to break or kick in and also improve the home impression.

Luxurious Touch to Home Entrance like Never Before In INDIA

What about rust, Is the iron door finished with POWDER COATING or PAINT?

Powder coating Iron is a very durable, high quality, long-term finish baked at high degrees offering superior protection and longevity to paint. Most, companies Do Not have their own powder coating facility, resulting in outsourcing this phase of manufacturing and leading to a lack of quality control & delays in production. The Dwars has a full in-house powder coating facility and ensuring all of our products receive the highest quality finish in a timely fashion. Also offers Zinc primer, Du-paint Automotive Primer, and Paint options.

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