Upgrade your home garden with the dwars planters

Setup your terrace or balcony garden using iron plant stand or metal plant stand to beautify and provide aesthetic look, it increases the garden space and make gardening easy, beautifully display plants, flowers, and garden decorations on a multi-level planter stand for garden lovers. The plant stands can be of different types which can be used indoor, outdoor and patio.

There’s no doubt that plants significantly change the ambience of the closed space but they also serve an aesthetic purpose in the house.

Placing your plant container on the stand reduces the seepage issues in your terrace and balcony and provides sufficient space underneath the plant container.

Add unique accents to your home’s decor with The Dwars Artworks.

This set of plant stands is made from iron and is coated with paint to provide longevity and durability. The plant stands can be used to place plants individually in specific spots or together to create a cluster of green plants.

In urban cities space is constrain for gardening by using stands like vertical stands, double step or triple step stand you can expand your garden with more number of plants in a limited space.

We trust these curb appeal ideas inspire & motivate you with making interior & exterior improvements to your home, office, villa, garden.

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